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NEW YORK CITY MARATHON - Sunday, November 7th, 2004

2nd Annual Team IRA running of the New York City Marathon will take place on Sunday November 7, 2004. If you are interested in running the New York City Marathon with us please send us an email to Marathon@IZFInc.Org. The Foundation will be granted an unspecified number of guaranteed entries into the 2004 Marathon. At the present time we are taking applicants for these spots and additionally we are applying through the lottery process for anyone who is interested in running on behalf of Team IRA in 04.

Team I.R.A. has been created to compete in the New York City Marathon and Marathons across the country as well as encourage our friends, family and others throughout the country to stay active. Ira Zaslow was a man who loved the outdoors, who had a passion to compete in his games of paddle ball and we want to see that tradition followed not only on the field, but it all aspects of life.

Team I.R.A. would like to encourage that if you are interested in running the New York City Marathon with us there are several ways in which to do this. Your first option is to join the New York Road Runners Club and run 9 (nine) qualifying races in 2004 which gives you guaranteed acceptance in the 2005 Marathon. Additionally, anyone interested in running the 2004 New York City Marathon may apply for a spot on Team I.R.A.

Please email us at Marathon@IZFInc.Org in order to apply for NYC Marathon 2004.

New York City Marathon 2004 Application - Click Here!
To join the New York Road Runners Club - Click Here!