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(pronounced Ethan)
Born Thursday August 26th, 2004 @ 12:00 Noon
7 lbs. 3 oz.
Thursday August 26th - Day one on planet earth
Thursday August 26th - Day one on planet earth

Friday August 27th

Friday August 27th
Friday August 27th - Day two and still sleeping
Thursday August 26th - Day one on planet earth
Sunday August 29th - Watching the Olympics with Dad
Monday August 30th - My 5th nap of the morning
Monday August 30th - Mommy, Baby Nurse and Ithan
Monday August 30th - My first checkup
Monday August 30th - Hanging with Dad!
Monday August 30th - Ithan's NYC Crib (no pun intended)
Monday August 30th - How much sleeping can one do
Monday August 30th - Check out my pad!
Monday August 30th - THE BOYZ
Monday August 30th - Hats Off Ithan!!
Monday August 30th - In Daddy's Lap
Tuesday August 31st - Just finished my Sponge Bath
Tuesday August 31st - How cute am I???
Tuesday August 31st -
Tuesday August 31st - Welcome to my room
Tuesday August 31st - Nice balloons huh?
Tuesday August 31st - My changing table
Tuesday August 31st -
Monday August 30th- Story Time
Tuesday August 31st - 15th nap of the day
Tuesday August 31st - Is daddy faking???
Monday August 30th
Wednesday September 1st
Wednesday September 1st
Mommy and Me
Snuggle Time
Big Boy Ithan
Nap time anyone?
7 1/2 weeks old and still spitting up
NY Yankees Lefty Pitcher in Training
Ithan's new friend
Madelene is aggressive...just the way Ithan likes it
Ithan and Stacey on South Beach
Madison and Ithan's first meeting of the minds
Ithan's cute foot
Ithan and Daddy nap on the flight
Ithan's new friend Madelene
Ithan meets his Great Grandfather (Ira's Dad)
Ithan and Great Grandpa