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Disney Summer Program - Fundraiser 03 - Updates - Volunteer - Memorial Playground - Ira Zaslow Drive
Disney Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.) transports students inside and behind the scenes of Walt Disney World® Theme Parks to showcase textbook principles. Disney Y.E.S. field studies allow students to do things they can't do anywhere else in the world! Participants find enrichment, inspiration, and pure fun as they see how principles they're learning in the classroom are making exciting things happen every day in and around the Walt Disney World Resort. Specially trained Disney facilitators use a captivating mixture of thought-provoking information and breathtaking experiences to open students' eyes to classroom principles in curriculum-based, hands-on adventures they will remember and build upon for years to come.


Listed below are the three educational programs that Ira's kids will embark upon this Summer:
The American Story
Social Studies & History
Ira's kids will live the rich history of the United States of America through the stories, architecture, mood, and setting of the attractions in Liberty Square and Frontierland. Students gain an understanding of the conflicts and resolutions of the nation's people, as they strived to make E Pluribus Unum a way of life.
Disney's Animation Magic
Animation Art
Ira's kids will explore the artistry and history of animation and how one man's creativity, passion, and innovation pioneered the way for today's Disney animated classics. With a newfound appreciation of the animation process, students try their hands at the art of animation.
Disney's Ocean Discoveries
Marine Sciences and Conservation
Ira's kids will experience the diverse marine environments of a tropical island with scientists and educators from The Living Seas. As leaders of the island, students learn about conservation challenges affecting marine habitats and marine life. Using a problem-based approach, students develop ideas and learn to make effective conservation decisions. Utilizing both onstage and backstage facilities, this interactive program inspires an understanding that students can be leaders in ocean conservation no matter where they live.